About Us

Actually, RentMaternityWear.com is about you. And every pregnant woman who wants to look great for an upcoming wedding, baby shower, cocktail party or a special evening out. It’s also about the woman who is just so tired of her maternity wardrobe (been there, felt that) and could use a little inexpensive pick-me-up. RMW is also about my sister, whose weeks-long, frustrating search for a special look that didn’t break the bank — at 8 months pregnant — ultimately inspired this company’s founding.


RentMaternityWear.com is also a little about me. When I was pregnant with my twins and needed a dress for a party, it was hard to spend a lot of money on a special occasion maternity dress – especially since I’d probably wear it once, and really for only a few hours.

RentMaternityWear.com solves the maternity wardrobe challenge by making social and special occasion wear available on an as-needed basis. Why make a permanent investment in a pricey item that will never be worn again post-pregnancy, or go through the hassle of settling on a borrowed item that isn’t what you had in mind or doesn’t fit well?

 Maternity Dressing

As the first ecommerce rental company dedicated to chic maternity dressing, RentMaternityWear.com offers a carefully edited selection of new, on-trend dresses sourced directly from the most coveted designers and manufacturers in the market. Through the convenience of online shopping, RMW makes it possible for women to find the dresses they need for a one-time wear, save money, and feel beautiful at every pregnancy stage.

Thank you for taking a look and we welcome your feedback, customerservice@rentmaternitywear.com.

Marcelle Costello, Founder