Despite the fact that sweatpants are allowed in your office and aren’t in your company’s dress code, however, you still need to adhere to the professional look. Envision meeting customer with a baggy sweatshirt and best yoga pants 2018, of course, they won’t consider you important. You can still rock that office wear with a couple of tips and tricks. In the event that you are working mother-to-be, here are some fashion ideas that suit for your first trimester, second trimester and third semester. The key point here is to be comfortable in whatever you wear.

  1. Pretty printed blouse in bright shading brightens your day as well as your mood. The lightweight, silky top is both versatile and practical. You can wear it to go to work and have a romantic dinner with your husband around evening time later. Layer it with a formal blazer for office wear look and afterward take it off for a casual day. Choose something that you can wear all through the pregnancy stage and it is a plus bonus if the blouse comes with a small shrouded zipper that is breastfeeding-friendly. It allows you to easily pump or breastfeed without the need to taking it off or lifting it up.
  1. Wide black pants will make a versatile addition to your wardrobe. It is everything that you need and it is an essential piece for anyone who is experiencing pregnancy. You can pair it with a blouse, loose shirt, button-up shirt and almost everything. It is so sophisticated and a great style to go to a business meeting. A chic pair of black pants is a working pregnant lady’s best companion. The length that is tailored well till the ankle allows you to show off your most loved shoes. Pair it with heels to influence your legs to look miles longer.

  1. Just a simple and classic blazer will change your look to a formal and professional looking style. Styling a classic power blazer shows that you are the boss, hardworking professional lady and furthermore showing off your baby bump. Contrast the black classic blazer with a shirt that comes in a bright and pop shading to instantly pull them together. It is, indeed, great outerwear to keep you warm and cozy in an air-conditioned room while working.
  1. Work shirts. It suits in both – formal and casual setting. Pick something formal yet comfortable and the best tip is chosen button-down shirt so that once your belly starts to grow, you can unbutton the shirt and wear camisole inside for an alternate style. For office work, pair a plain white shirt with a black pencil skirt and layer it on with a blazer or you can wear black pants.
  2. Casual Friday just got cooler thanks to the stylish dark-rinse maternity jeans. The boot-cut silhouette is absolutely flattering and works suitable and the stretchy roll panel discreetly covers and smooths your belly. You can go straight to dinner out of the office. To maintain the formality look, you can pair the dark colored jeans with a formal blouse and layer it with a long cardigan or something. There is a wide selection of jeans from skinny jeans, straight cut jeans, low-rise jeans, however, the best decision is to settle on boot cut jeans as it adds more curve and character to your style. Dark blue jeans are a great decision by a wide margin.